VisionCare Optometry operates from two sites, Castleford, West Yorkshire and Acomb a western suburb of York. We are an independent practice offering high levels of patient / client satisfaction and providing specialist Behavioural Optometry and Vision Therapy services. Ruth Perrott has been providing comprehensive vision care for children and adults for more than 30 years. We specialise in seven key areas, Vision and learning, Vision at work, Vision at home, Vision and driving, Vision and sport, Vision and colour (color) and finally Vision and performance. There is more to seeing than meets the eye!

Serviced Areas

  • Wakefield, Pontefract & Castleford

Contact Details

  City Castleford
  Postcode WF10 1AG
  Address 19 Sagar St
  Phone Number 019 7755 2361

From Our Website

We offer specialist eye examinations and vision consultancy with a comprehensive range of eye wear for all your optical needs. We provide timely and appropriate visual assessments and professional assistance to meet the visual needs of the patients in our care. As well as regular and specialist eye examinations we offer a comprehensive range of eye wear from leading optical designers including William Morris, Silhouette, Johann Von Goisern, Neubau and Stepper. Along with fully personalised monthly payment schemes for both spectacles and contact lenses.

We provide a wide range of examinations which are supplemented with the latest technologies to ensure we can offer a first class service to you on every visit. Whether you have woken with a bloodshot eye, are attending a routine eye examination or need some advice to help you manage a sight limiting condition, our experienced team are here to help. Support is provided both to and by Rotary who support our SpecSort initiative, whereby unused spectacles and sunglasses are collected, sorted, washed, measured and placed into libaries before being despatched overseas.

When it comes to eyewear we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology and design. We regularly meet with our suppliers, both in Practice and at exhibitions to ensure we know what the latest fashions are and what technologies are being used to push the boundaries of both spectacle frames and lens manufacturing. As an Independent Optician, we can source an extensive range of spectacle frames and speak with the people who design and market them. As our Dispensing Opticians are at the face of the business, this team do our buying to ensure that we can match what our patients want.