We work together for the benefit of the Patient & Optician, relentlessly pursuing the best clinical outcomes. VIP was formed and created to allow our Independent Optician Members to offer their patients the very latest in refractive and laser eye surgery treatments. The resulting benefits of our Partnerships create great value for our Members commercially and clinically driving their business forward.

We are an experienced, diverse, specialist business... and best of all, we are entirely independent and our services come entirely free. The VIP team and brand is totally committed to you as an Independent Optometrist, your clinic, your patients and your business.

...Be an educator of refractive eye surgery
...Be an enricher of the best clinical outcomes
...Be an empowerer of local Opticians business
...Be an enabler of long lasting and meaningful business relationships

Attract new patients with VIP
Refractive eye surgery has been offered in the UK for more than 20 years and over 30 million treatments have been carried out worldwide. The popularity of refractive & laser eye surgery has grown massively in recent years and is now one of the most common and successful surgical treatments available for patients. VIP Members attract more and more new patients to their clinics by joining us in a Partnership and offering the latest refractive and laser eye surgery treatments. Seize the opportunity to become a total eye care clinic whilst delivering the best clinical outcomes and grow your patient base with VIP.

VIP helps you to grow
By choosing to become a VIP Member, you are choosing to grow your Opticians business. The choice you are making is to grow both commercially and strategically, securing your long term future by offering the latest in refractive treatments. The VIP Proposition enables you to grow your clinic commercially through the attraction of new patients and referral of existing patients to your chosen Refractive Partners. You're in control the decision to refer is up to you.

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Customer Testimonials

All I can say is the decision to have laser eye surgery was the best I've ever made and it's made a huge difference to me and given me so much freedom.
I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone, that's for sure.

As cliché as it sounds it honestly was a life-changing experience for me with VIP.

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From Our Website

Your VIP Members Team are ready to answer any questions you may have. We're Professionals just like you and as an educator, we're here to help you learn about Vision In Partnership and help you understand what a VIP Partnership could mean for you.

With the vast majority of Refractive & Laser Eye Surgery Providers, offering surgical ophthalmic treatments only, with no conventional optical offer, the answer is simply. Popularity and awareness of life changing refractive procedures is growing. Your patients will have heard of, or know someone who has had a form of surgical / laser vision correction already. If you're not being asked for your advice, as a quality provider of ophthalmic care, you will be soon. Do you feel competent and confident to talk refractive, as their clinical professional?

VIP Recruitment is an expert and specialist optical recruitment boutique offering a fresh alternative in the recruitment process. VIP Recruitment works with energetic and successful optical businesses (both large and small). We help identify and fulfil their talent needs, placing high calibre candidates who release more talent and potential into the business. We are solely focused on the optical market, specialising in the needs of sub-markets including retail (opticians), clinical, surgical, refractive and laser business'.

Vision In Partnership understands the importance of choosing the right surgeon and provider if you're considering referring your patients for laser eye surgery or refractive treatments. Our approved panel of VIP Providers have all been selected and accredited to offer their services & range of treatments through Vision In Partnership on a highly selective basis. VIP purposefully and without compromise only work with the best refractive and laser eye surgery providers in the UK and abroad. Vision In Partnership choose to partner with niche and independent clinics and surgeries only.

Vision In Partnership is a unique independent referral business designed to connect local Opticians with specialist laser eye surgery providers. We're here to help our VIP Members develop their business by offering their patients the latest refractive and laser eye surgery treatments, helping them attract new patients, grow their clinics capabilities and grow their local market share.

The VIP proposition is based around meaningful, long lasting partnerships. As a VIP Member our service enables you to offer your patients the latest in refractive and laser eye surgery treatments from your clinic, with no cost or equipment. Vision In Partnership does this by creating successful and mutually beneficial partnerships between our VIP Members and carefully selected panel of VIP Refractive & Laser Eye Surgery Providers. Vision In Partnership allows our VIP Members to offer their patients a full suite of refractive surgery treatments, to compliment and sit alongside the more traditional ophthalmic solutions that you will offer right now.

Disclaimer - The information contained on this page is for reference purposes only and VIP makes no guarantees as to the accuracy or credibility of the information herein. The content provided and opinions conveyed are not necessarily the opinions of VIP, it's owners or it's agents. VIP make no representation to be associated or endorsed with any person, business or organisation mentioned in our articles. The relevance and factual accuracy of the information provided and referenced, lays with the author and not VIP or it's agents and therefore we advise care when relying on this information.

In my professional capacity as an optometrist and partner of AVC I had seen a lot of post-operative patients so I felt completely confident that I could trust Mr Pillai to treat my own eyes. Because AVC provides a tailor-made service for their patients I knew that my best interests would be put before any other consideration. As I expected from knowing that they provide superb customer care, I was made to feel completely at ease. I'm thrilled with my results - the freedom it's given me is fantastic.