As a specialist ophthalmology clinic we are able to provide personalised and tailored eye treatments. All eye treatment is led by our Consultant Eye Surgeon and Medical Director, Tariq Ayoub. A award winning surgeon with specialist certification in refractive surgeon, Mr. Ayoub provides exemplary care as witnessed by the numerous 5 star reviews he has online.

At Oculase, we provide a wide range of treatments for vision correction. These included Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK/transPRK), Implantable Contact Lens surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange and Cataract Surgery. We use premium lens implants to correct vision.

Keratoconus treatment has evolved over the past decade. We are pleased to offer the latest keratoconus treatment at Oculase including cross-linking, T-CAT, cornea rings and corneal transplants.

As we are a specialist ophthalmology clinic, we provide all forms of eye treatment including eye-lid surgery and glaucoma laser treatment.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  • Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow
  • European Board of Ophthalmology
  • University College London (UCL)
  • St. George's, University of London
  • Ulster University
  • General Medical Council

Contact Details

  City Marylebone
  Postcode W1G 9BP
  Address 22a Harley Street London
  Phone Number 03301281616

Products & Services

At Oculase, we offer multiple treatment options for keratoconus to help improve your vision including cross-linking, T-CAT, Corneal ring segments and corneal transplants.

In selected people with stable keratoconus, ICL implants may be used to improve vision and given them complete independence from glasses or contact lens.

Using Premium Lens Implants, we are able to correct your short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia, in addition to your treating your cataracts. At Oculase, our lead surgeon has done thousands of cataract surgery with excellent outcomes as witness by our numerous 5 star reviews.

We offer both LASIK (flap based treatments) and Trans-PRK/LASEK (surface based treatments) to correct your short/near-sightedness (myopia) , long/far-sightedness (Hyperopia) , reading vision (presbyopia) and astigmatism.

All our patients are treated for by our award winning, certified laser eye surgeon who is also the medical director of Oculase.

Our clinics have the latest laser technology and diagnostic facilities which ensures optimal outcome for all our patients as witnessed by the numerous 5 star reviews online.

We are pleased to offer this revolutionary lens technology at Oculase which has been implanted in over 2 million people worldwide with excellent outcomes.

ICL surgery is suitable in people who wish to achieve glasses and contact lens independence but have very high prescriptions or are not suitable for laser eye surgery. They implants also give excellent vision in stable keratoconus.

RLE or lens replacement surgery is generally suitable for anyone above the age of 50 who wishes to be glasses or contact lens free but may not be suitable for laser eye surgery. During surgery, the natural lens in the eye is replaced with an Advanced Technology Lens Implant to help you see clearly and eliminate the need to wear glasses or contact lens. After treatment, you will not develop a cataract later in life.

At Oculase, we tailor the lens implant to give you optimal vision.

Customer Testimonials

I have seen various eye doctors and surgeons on an NHS and private basis, including world-leading specialists. Dr Ayoub’s service was above all. He explained my eye conditions in a very simple, clear and patient manner which gave me a complete understanding of them and more importantly a peace of mind. He explained the risks and advantages of procedures, allowing me to make informed choices. Despite the pressurised and emergency situation including time constraints, he was very calm, confident and patient with all of my questions. He was not in any rush to get the appointment over with and he carried out the tests with the utmost care. He is the most professional eye doctor I have experience with and I look forward to continuing any treatment with him.

From the beginning consultation that established I needed both eyes operated on to remove the cataracts to the completion of the process all those involved in appointments were extremely helpful and kind and explained everything fully. I decided to have one eye done at a time and on both occasions Tariq Ayoub explained the process which put my fears to rest. His skills were truly amazing as I never felt any pain and it felt like he took me on a trip to the galaxy with the bright lights. I am amazed at the result as I am now able to see a brighter world. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

The thought of any surgery however small or big can be a traumatic experience. I’d been meaning to have laser eye correction for a while however just wasn’t sure how to choose the right clinic or more importantly the right doctor. I was then referred to Mr. Tariq Ayoub by a perfectionist friend who had just had eye surgery done through Mr. Ayoub after meticulously searching for and successfully finding the right surgeon. She couldn’t commend him enough and after meeting Mr. Ayoub I understood why, he was a highly qualified thorough professional from the start to the absolute end. Words cannot describe my experience with him and his clinical team. Mr. Ayoub was both very friendly and professional, he was always extremely thorough and explained everything very well. The aftercare was second to none. Let me just say all the staff at the clinic knew me by name and always greeted me on every occasion. They were always so helpful and kind, it was always in my comfort zone at OCULASE. I cannot express my happiness and freedom I now have after finding the perfect doctor and going ahead with the surgery. I’m so glad I did. Anyone thinking about laser eye surgery I’d say just go for it, you’ll never look back. Thanks to Mr. Tariq Ayoub I now have perfect vision.

I have had cataract procedures on both eyes within the last 3 months. Dr Ayoub and his team display uppermost professionalism in a calm and confident manner. It was very reassuring. The procedure itself is painfree and quicker than I thought it would be probably due the caring and experienced manner of both Mr Ayoub and his staff. The difference in my sight was virtually immediate without any after effects. I have been very very pleased with the whole experience from initial contacts through to completion.

I have just had my final check-up, 6 months after my laser eye surgery and I have 20:20 vision, I couldn't be happier! I have worn glasses since the age of 9 and hated wearing them. I moved onto contacts but was always conscious of dry eyes and infections from wearing them which is why I opted for laser eye surgery. My whole experience with Dr Tariq Ayoub, from the start of understanding the procedure, right through to all the checkups was amazing, I would highly recommend him. The support The Eye Clinic in Fulham was also brilliant, with flexibility on appointments as I travelled into London from Buckinghamshire. The support after the procedure was very considerate and caring. I never felt I was asking a silly question and had a brilliant overall experience. I wish I had done the surgery sooner and I am just so happy with the results!

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