Harvey Rose & Sons is an independant optometry practice that has been family owned and operated since 1956. We pride ourselves on providing professional eye care and quality eyewear. Every one of our patients receives an individual and personal service and we can offer advice on all forms of visual correction including spectacles, contact lenses and laser surgery.

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  City Westcliff-on-Sea
  Postcode SS0 7JJ
  Address 336 London Road
  Phone Number 017 0234 6828

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Do you feel strained when reading on your computer screen, tablet or mobile phone? If so, you may be suffering from Meares-Irlen Syndrome and coloured overlays or lenses may help. Meares-Irlen Syndrome can be a stand-alone condition, but often occurs as a part of Dyslexia, which is one of a group of specific learning difficulties that results in difficulty with spelling and reading. Dyslexic children are usually poor at spelling and may seem intelligent in conversation, but have trouble with written language.

At Harvey Rose & Sons we are proud to have been looking after the eyes of generations of families, from babies to great grandparents, for over sixty years. All patients are seen personally by Paul Rose Bsc.(Hons) D.Opt. All aspects of your vision and eye health will be thoroughly checked using our latest computerised testing equipment, which includes non contact tonometry, digital imaging and visual fields plotting. Advice is available on all types of vision and eye health issues, including colour vision problems, Dyslexia and Meares Irlen syndrome and computer display use.

All our frames can be fitted with the latest thin and light prescription lenses from the world's best manufacturers such as Essilor, Kodak and Zeiss. We recommend Transitions lenses which darken in sunlight for extra UV protection and visual comfort all year round.

Do you have burning, gritty or sore and red eyes? Do you get blurry vision, especially using a computer or tablet? If so, then you may well be suffering from dry eyes and would benefit from a dry eye assessment at our practice in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex to discover the cause of the problem and the appropriate treatment options. Dry eyes, or keratoconjunctivitis sicca, occurs when there is a failure of the tear film to keep the front surface of the eye moist and well lubricated. Dry eye is one of the most commonly reported ocular conditions and can be extremely uncomfortable and debilitating.

It is now possible to reduce the progress of your child's myopia, or short sightedness, by an average of fifty percent with the regular use of specialised contact lenses. Myopia results not just in blurred vision, but also increases the risk in later life of many serious eye conditions, including retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataract. The most common cause of myopia is a lengthening of the eyeball during the early growth years, resulting in light being focussed in front, or short, of the retina.