GT Harvey & Partners Ltd has been providing high quality eyecare since our founding in 1927. It is our aim to push the boundaries of the eye examination beyond the restraints of the standard / NHS sight test. We have invested in high quality staff to ensure your visual requirements are given the best possible attention, in a caring and professional environment.

Serviced Areas

  • Newcastle & North Tyneside

Contact Details

  City Newcastle upon Tyne
  Postcode NE1 8JE
  Address 9A Saville Row
  Phone Number 019 1232 7615

First time I've used Harveys.

A small practice with very high level of customer care. I had the most thorough eye examination, with clear comprehensive feed-back throughout.

But this practice also has 2 qualified and experienced dispensers whose advice and guidance is so invaluable.

The dispenser spent more time with me than the eye examination took. I know that proper dispensing is essential to get the full benefit of the initial examination, and Harveys gives an excellent dispensing service - well above any competition that I've experienced.

My varifocals were not cheap because I selected expensive arms and lenses but I'm so delighted with the standards and service I received, so I rate this as excellent value-for-money.

I recommend Harveys, very highly.

From Our Website

We are a family run award winning Opticians, based in Newcastle city centre and have been privileged to serve our local community since 1927. We offer you a comprehensive service including eye tests, the supplying of prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, all tailored to suit your individual needs. You can book your Eye Test or Eyewear Styling Consultation via this website at any time, or if you prefer to 'phone us, we will be delighted to speak to you. We put your needs at the heart of everything that we do.

We are a multi-award winning opticians based in the centre of Newcastle, providing eye care to the North East since 1927. Over the last 25 years we have developed to provide the most comprehensive eye care by using the most advanced technology possible. We are honoured to have won two prestigious awards over the last few years. We are the only Opticians to have been named 'Practice of the Year' by both the Association of Optical Practitioners and the Optician Magazine.

We have many of the well-known Designer Collections of frames such as Ray Ban, Prada, Jaguar, Davidoff, Morgan and Polo Ralph Lauren. We also have an extensive collection of Silhouette Titanium Rimless and Charmant Titanium frames. As an independent opticians, we are also able to supply more unusual and innovative ranges of glasses frames that you may not have seen before. Designed in the UK, these high quality handmade glasses frames are popular with many of our patients. We can supply them as standard or provide a Bespoke, 'made to measure' service.

Although there is no reliable evidence to suggest that even long-term intensive use of VDUs is damaging to the eyes, it is true that VDU users tend to complain of eye strain more than non-users. Any of these conditions could lead to fatigue; all can be overcome through good design of the working environment and by regular eyecare. When you work at a VDU your eyes can be focused on the screen for long periods so it is important to take a brief rest and give your eyes a break every 30 minutes or so.

Sports vision encompasses all exercise, training and sport. Its aim is to optimise visual performance and safety. We are concerned with what the eyes see, how the brain interprets that information and how the body responds. Sports participants are more comfortable when glare is eliminated, better protected from eye injury when wearing suitable eye protectors, and perform better when visual sensitivity is maximized and visual skills enhanced. We aim to optimise visual performance for every athlete, irrespective of age, performance level or visual needs.

First of all optically, if the frame fits perfectly then we can ensure you get the optimum performance from your glasses prescription and therefore the best vision possible. Secondly, most frames on the market these days are generically sized and therefore not made just for you. With Tom Davies bespoke glasses frames we ensure that the frame is handmade to the exact specifications that you require so that they fit you perfectly. We have designed and supplied more bespoke Tom Davies glasses frames than any other opticians in the North of England.

Eyecare 21 was originally developed over 10 years ago after a very interesting conversation with a patient: he asked why he could not have his comprehensive eye care as part of a monthly payment plan like he did for his dental care. At G.T. Harvey & Partners we have always been great advocates of a thorough N.H.S. Sight Test/Standard Eye Examination and we will always strive to fulfil this to the best of our abilities to all patients. However recent advances in eye care technology have now made it possible to provide a far more sophisticated eye examination than ever before.

We take great pride in delivering the most comprehensive eye examination that we can. Our aim is to provide an accurate prescription to ensure that your spectacles give you the best quality vision possible. We want to ensure that the health of your eyes is thoroughly examined and to do this we use the latest, advanced technology. Our technology allows us take accurate measurements and track the development of your eye's health and shape over time.