We are a family friendly opticians in Leicester and Irthlingborough.

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  City Leicester
  Postcode LE3 5ES
  Address 156 Fosse Road North
  Phone Number 011 6253 1750

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When you buy prescription sunglasses you're not just investing in comfort and style but also the long-term health of your eyes. UV radiation, which is present in sunlight, contributes to cataracts and macular degeneration. These are both serious eye conditions which particularly affect us as we age. All of our prescription sunglasses come with UV400 protection as recommended by experts. This is a quality standard which high street fashion sunglasses don't always meet. There are different types of tinted lenses to meet different needs.

In our Irthlingborough practice, Tracey's team consists of herself, Cheryl, Claire and Lisa. They certainly match the Leicester branch in the quality of service that clients experience. It's thanks to working in small teams that we are able to develop close relationships with you, so we can really understand your visual needs and personal preferences. Whilst our building has lengthy history, we have gone to every effort to ensure that we are always up to date and operating a modern practice - it's something we're really proud of.

We were first established as opticians in Leicester in 1946 by Adrian Mattock. Since then we've looked after the eyes of over 38,000 patients! Adrian was succeeded by Jim Smith and then Alan took over in 2000. Since then we have worked at gradually improving and updating the practice to the point where we have the most up to date optical equipment in the form of the OCT scanner. We specialise in more complex and challenging patients whether it be advanced eye examinations or more difficult spectacle problems.

It's a clich to say that eyesight is the most important of the senses but it's true, nonetheless. Consequently, we need to look after our eyes! Alan and Tracey, our optometrists, have both been practising for many years and have pretty well seen everything. They have also invested a great deal of time and money in continuing professional development in specialist areas. Over the years they've seen over 40,000 patients at the two practices so you're in good hands. Different people have different needs.

Eyes are the window to the soul - there's no need to hide them when you wear glasses. We keep an eye on style and function when it comes to frames. How good they look, how comfortable they are to wear and how they express your personality. We go the extra mile to find what's new, source the best quality, stock a wide range of handmade designs and train our team in how to help you choose the style that really shows the true you. Seeing is believing and when you've found the perfect frames you need to have confidence that your optical lenses will give you the best possible vision.

We are proud to provide the Eyeplan care scheme. Simply put, Eyeplan is a fantastic way of looking after your eyes and receiving great value on your eyewear. In exchange for a small monthly fee, Eyeplan members receive a number of different benefits, based around the Eyeplan core values; care, quality and value. Eyeplan clients are not restricted by NHS rules on when you can have a sight test and what is, and is not, allowed. We can give you the eyecare that you need, when you need it. And save you on average 30% of the cost of your glasses.

Each season we visit international exhibitions in search of the world's finest eyewear. We have relationships with the most admired and respected eyewear designers in the industry. We also look for niche, independent eyewear companies who produce different and exclusive eyewear. Our eyewear is of the highest quality and many brands are frames that only people in the know have heard of. And they are hard to find: only a handful of the UK's most progressive opticians carry these collections. Whether for everyday wear, or for special occasions, these are glasses with that individual feel, yours alone, not worn by the crowds.