Rabbetts Sight Care was established in 1931, and has always been a family-run practice. We are an independent optician, and therefore have the freedom to offer you the friendly, personal care, attention and service you require. We provide thorough eye examinations, and offer a wide range of additional services including aftercare.

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At Ashleigh Sight Care, your comprehensive eye examination is completely tailored around your personal needs and concerns. Typically your examination will last up to 40 minutes, giving us the time to get to know you and your unique visual requirements, and to carry out a thorough assessment of your eye health. We will take as long as is needed to ensure that we obtain as complete a picture of your eye health as possible, so allow plenty of time for this when you make your appointment.

All our practices use up to date technology to check your eyesight, eye health, testing for changes to your prescription, your eye coordination and (when needed) your peripheral vision. During your examination, your optometrist will also actively search for early signs of both common and rarer eye conditions. It is known that the earlier any problems are identified, the better the chances of successful treatment in the event of any hidden disease process being discovered.

We actively encourage everyone to upgrade their eye examination to include an 4D OCT eye scan that sees below the retina. This captures detailed 4D images of the insides of your eyes, allowing our optometrists to identify the slightest hidden abnormalities and the first signs of conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. OCT eye scans are recommended for the over-4o’s since the relative risks of eye problems increase as we become more mature – and scanning is the only way of us seeing or finding any hidden problems under the retina at the back of the eye.

National guidelines suggest that adults should have their eyes tested every two years, whilst children under 16 and adults over 70 should book annual examinations according to optometrist advice.

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The staff here are absolutely wonderful lovely bunch of people have been coming since I was 12 am 30 & never had a problem

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