We are independent optometrist and opticians with practices on Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield, and Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield. The practices are owned and managed by optometrist Andrew Martin, assisted by his associates and other practice staff. All at the practice staff aim to provide you with the highest standards of professional eye care and quality products at sensible prices.

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  • Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Tamworth & Lichfield

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  City Sutton Coldfield
  Postcode B74 2UD
  Address 244 Lichfield Rd
  Phone Number 012 1308 1886

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In this edition we highlight a Which? Report that shows why independent opticians like Andrew Martin & Associates are the nation's favourite opticians. Contact Lenses have come a long way since they were first made and worn in the 1880's. When it comes to customer service, independent opticians like Andrew Martin & Associates lead the way. That was the conclusion of a detailed report published recently by Which? the UK's leading consumer body. The report's findings were based on a survey completed by over 5,400 Which?

Which?, the UK consumer body, has released a report on the optical sector looking at the "Best and worst places to buy glasses, " with local independent opticians, such as Andrew Martin < Associates, achieving the highest customer satisfaction score. Local independent practices, like Andrew Martin < Associates, topped the survey, achieving a customer score of 88%. The survey also asked members to rate customer experience in the practice, ranging from 'store environment' to 'product range.'

Although our eyes are fully formed at birth, it takes a long time for these powerful tools to develop the skills we take for granted, like recognising each other. Newborn babies can't focus or see colours, but in their first year, their eyes will master the techniques of tracking and identifying moving objects. Because good eyesight is so vital for children, it's never too early to book them into the practice to see an optician for a full eye test. Even if they're too young to read, optometrists can still learn a great deal about your child's overall eye health and vision.

Modern Technology is all around us, and our eyes are very important for this Upwardly Mobile is about modern mobile devices and your eyesight. Sight Unseen in this edition is all about the common condition of cataracts. Have you ever wondered about contact lenses? Get in Contact is all about contact lenses. Modern daily life places many demands upon our eyes. Safety First, Safety Second is all about safety and eye protection. Millions of people throughout the UK now use mobile devices on a daily basis, from a smartphone to a satnav.

In this edition an article titled "Fascinating Eye Facts" giving you remarkable information about your eyes. It is amazing how far contact lenses have advanced; "Life Through A Lens" is all about today's modern contact lenses. Should you have sensitivity to light then "A Very Sensitive Issue" tells you all about this problem. For information and guidance about modern workstations, have a look at "Action (work) Stations". Have you ever wondered how children's eyes develop? Finally, if you have ever thought about having frameless glasses have peek at "Frame by Frameless".

Contact lenses are a viable option for many patients nowadays, why not read all about them in Viewed through a lens. With summer approaching we all spend more time outdoors, and sunglasses are both functional and stylish. In the shade lets you know what to look for when choosing sunglasses. Why not come in and view our Reflections range of prescription sunglasses. Floaters are a common eye condition, often seen as small translucent shapes appear to float around your field of vision, reading this article will help you understand this condition.

But not all sunglasses are the same. For maximum performance you should choose a pair with optical quality lenses. Not only will they shade your eyes against harsh sunlight, they'll also protect you from the hidden risk of ultraviolet rays. Overexposure to ultraviolet light can damage your eyes as well as your skin. It may affect the lens inside your eye, leading to cataracts, and may prematurely age your retina. Both these conditions can cause significantly reduced vision in later life. Our optical quality sunglasses will give you excellent protection against UV light.

Our promise is to treat you as an individual and only recommend glasses that meet your needs. It's essential to wear a style that really suits you, so our dispensing staff are trained to help you choose the right frame for your looks, lifestyle and budget. And we promise to take the time to ensure your glasses fit properly, are comfortable and give you the best possible vision. You'll find hundreds of great looking frames at our practice, including designs made from ultra-light titanium which are very comfortable to wear.