The consultants and laser eye surgeons at Accuvision are recognised as 'world class', each having an exemplary track record of treatment and patient care. All of Accuvision's LASIK eye surgeons are fully qualified and certified to perform laser eye surgery and have many years experience in this specialised field.

Accuvision offer a wide range of treatments for vision correction. These include; Wavefront optimised lasik, customised guided wavefront lasik and topography guided wavefront lasik. Accuvision also offer Trans-epithelial Surface Treatment that is an all laser procedure where no incision is made into the eye.

Other laser treatments include; Monovision for Presbyopia (long sight) and CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) for long sight. Cataract treatment using OIl's), Keratoconus treatment and corneal collagen cross-linking (C3R) is also offered. Lazy eye (Amblyopia) can also be treated.

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Myopia is present when light entering the eye from an object we view does not focus exactly on the retina at the back of the eye but in front of it in the vitreous humor. Hence the images of distant objects over 2 metres away are out of focus.

The consultants and laser eye surgeons at Accuvision are recognised as 'world class', each having an exemplary track record of treatment and patient care. All of Accuvision's LASIK eye surgeons are fully qualified and certified to perform laser eye surgery and have many years experience in this specialised field.

It surprises us that some patients imagine that because they have astigmatism they cannot have laser eye treatment. This could not be any further from the truth.

AccuVision possesses the technology, expertise and experience to correct even very high levels of regular and irregular astigmatism. The laser is used to reshape the corneal surface and create a more smooth corneal profile. This reduces the irregularity in curvature and restores vision.

AccuVision have successfully treated patients with up to 6 Dioptres of astigmatism. Astigmatic correction is incorporated in the laser treatment plan for all patients who require it, to give the best possible outcome for vision.

Customer Testimonials

I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Before the end of my first appointment, the assessment appointment, I knew this was the place I wanted to go with. That was before we even talked about the price. Which, by the way, was half the price of the other clinic I visited for an assessment. That was one of the great things, there's absolutely no hard sell. It's 10 days after I had the Op and everything is great. I've had no problems, I've had excellent after-care, I see distance and close-up, all in all this has been a fantastic experience. If you're thinking of getting your eyes lasered definitely give these guys a go. Outstanding!

I have just had laser eye surgery with Accuvision and I have to say they are one of, if not, the most professional companies I have ever dealt with. Now you may say that is because you have wonderful eyesight now. Well partly but I have been really very impressed with the level of care, explaining and value that they place on your eyes.
One week in and my eyes are healing brilliantly. My sight improves daily. I cannot thank you enough, everyone of you, at Accuvision for helping me say goodbye to my glasses.
I have already recommended you to lots of people so lets hope you get to help them too.
Thank you so so much.

I'm 6 months on from my surgery and thought I'd wait to write a review in case anything went wrong months later - it hasn't! To say I was nervous about people lasering into my eyes would have been an understatement but I was totally reassured and impressed by the staff's calmness, friendliness and professionalism.

At the 1st appointment everything was really clearly explained and there was no pressure to make a decision at any point. The payment procedure was straightforward and everything happened as it was supposed to.

On the day of the surgery I was terrified but everyone was really calm which helped immensely. While those 10 minutes of surgery are not something I would choose to repeat (!) it was nowhere near as bad as what I had imagined in my head. To be walking out without my glasses within 90 minutes of surgery was amazing and while your sight does weird and wonderful things for a couple of days I was back to driving within 4 days and haven't had any problems since.

The thing that took longest to adjust to was that for weeks I woke each morning and reached for my glasses before realising I could see already! Habits die hard! So after 30 years of wearing glasses I'm really glad I took the plunge. Thank you Accuvision!

Best customer service I ever had. In an industry full of sales techniques building on harassment they were calm, professional and showed exceptional interpersonal skills throughout. Would recommend them to anyone.

I had my laser eye surgery done at AccuVision about a week ago. Their customer service is exceptional, the admin and the medical team are extremely professional, friendly and competent. I felt well looked after before, during and after the surgery. A big thank you to the whole team!!!

First thing first, thank you to the whole team for a fantastic service. A great feeling during the first visit, where they explain in details how your eyes look and what they would do if you decide to carry on with the procedure. The op was slightly more 'invasive' than I had expected but the 3 members of the team that performed it were extraordinarily professional, reassuring, kind and understanding. It was great being told step by step what they were doing (NB it's not invasive really, that's just me who thought it would be just some light directed into my eyes, and instead it's a bit more, but still absolutely manageable and really quick!). Helps that they are also fun and make you feel comfortable, as well as safe. Had the op done two days ago and it was back to normal from 24 hours later (only had to skip work on operation day and day after, as it would have been too much "screen time" and have to avoid vigorously rubbing the eyes + no eye make-up for a week or so). The aftercare also seems to be very good, very comprehensive. Great offer atm as it turned out to be (in my case, but it differs from patient to patient) 2/3 of the price on other clinics' websites. Very exciting, seeing as well as when wearing contact lenses but without the contact lenses!!

Went to the Solihull clinic and cannot express enough how amazing having this done is! The staff are brilliant and made me feel so relaxed and confident about the surgery. The procedure itself didn't hurt, was quick and not scary at all! It's been 11 days and I've just had my second follow up and already it's impossible to tell I ever had it. Thank you Accuvision, you've literally changed my life.

If you are thinking of getting laser eye surgery then go to these guys! In the new year i decided to look into laser as i'd been wearing glasses and contacts for about 10 years and it was getting on my nerves- i've always had sensitive eyes and hayfever which can make contacts really unbearable! I went to a few well known companies and just felt hassled and harrassed and well to be truly honest bullied and not really very important- just felt like they wanted my money (which was A LOT) i was about to just forget the whole idea when i came across some testimonals from people having been to Accuvision in New kings Rd and everything they were saying about super friendly service, home like feel and no pressure ( you can even cancel on the day of surgery and get your deposit back if you chicken out) was all i was looking for!

I went to a consultation and felt totally at safe and reassured- the staff are really friendly, helpful and knowledgable, all my questions were answered and the price was exactly what i was expecting (other companies tried to charge me double!) and so i found myself booking it! All i can really say is this place is fantastic! The surgery went amazing! I have 20/20 vision and it has all been an absolute pleasure dealing with this company and these people! i can not recommend them enough! Aftercare is superb and you just really feel like they care about you and your eyes! I will not go anywhere else now for my check ups or eye health! If you are thinking about getting your eyes done- it is SO worth it! just getting up in the morning and being able to see is brilliant! No more irritated eyes for me! Go and see them today and i can bet you will be happy you went here, i am thrilled! Thank you so much to all at Accuvision New Kings Rd- one very happy customer :)


Trans Epi laser eye surgery

Aderemi describes the effect of having Trans Epi laser eye surgery and how it has changed her life and given her better than 20/20 vision.

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